Uber now uses an helicopter

Amazing, Uber copter to offer helicopter ride starting in July.

Under technologies is testing an helicopter service in New York city. Passengers will be able to book a flight through the service called Uber copter.

This is a very wonderful improvement and it's quite amazing.

"The commencement of this service begins July 9 in New York city that the average ride will cost $200 to$225 per person" said Eric Allison , the head of Under flight business.

Quite amazing.

British prime minister steps down

British prime minister Theresa May quits as Party leader
British minister Theresa May steps down as a leader of her Conservative party on Friday.

Although, May will remain the prone minister until a new leader is chosen but she had relinquished control over the direction of Britain departure for the EU.
May grew up in Oxfordshire and attended St Hugh's college Oxford. After graduating in 1997, she worked for the bank of England. She also worked as the councillor for Durnsford in Merton.

After two unsuccessful attempt to be elected a to the House of Commons, she was elected as the MP for Maidenhead in 1997.
As at 2002-2003, May was appointed the chairwoman of the conservative party. In 2010, she was appointed as home Secretary and minister for women and equalities. She continued to serve as home Secretary after the conservative victory in 2015 but became the longest serving home Secretary.

May took office after the 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU and has spent the past three y…

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shaynx split after 4 years

US actor Bradley Cooper and Russian model Irina Shaynx spilt up after 4 years.

Bradley Cooper 44 years old,Irina Shaynx 33 years have officially split up.
Rumors has been spreading here and there about their split. Alright their relationship was very private but with that they still had to split.

Fans thought that Irina was jealous of Bradley's relationship with Lady Gaga but the photos of the two women together tells a different story.

Although, every relationship has a loop hole and one way or the other three relationship will have a problem.

Irina has mention nothing regarding the news but only mentioned that she preferred her relationship private.

Despite the split, both of them have not addressed the situation's and their fans vanity wait to here the main gist.
Stay tuned.

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Huawei signs deal to develop 5G

Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia

China Huawei has announced a deal it signed to develop 5G in Russia.
Huawei which is considered a security threat in the US has signed a deal on Wednesday with Russia telecom company MTS to develop a 5G  network next year.

The agreement was signed in the meeting between Chinese leader Xi jinping and Russia president Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

In Huawei's Go ping statement, he said that he was very happy with the agreement in the area of strategic importance like 5G.

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Iran will never be deceived by Trump

Iran is failing as a nation said Trump

Iran is failing as a nation after Washington imposed powerful sanction last year said Donald Trump on Thursday.

Iran Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali khamenee said on Tuesday that Tehran would not he deceived by Trump offer of negotiation and would not give up on the missile program.

Iran and united state will have be en drawn into starker confrontation in the past months,a year after Washington pulled out a deal between Iran and global power to curb Tehran's nuclear program in return for "lifting international sanctions"

Trump told reported before holding bilateral talks with French president Emmanuel maroon in Caen that when he became the president that Iran was a true state of terror and that they are failing as a nation.

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German Nurse convicted of killing 85 patents

A former nurse convicted of murdering 85 patients at 2 hospitals

A former nurse has been convicted of murdering 85 patents at two hospitals in Northern Germany as has been handed a life sentence.

Hogel , who is already serving life imprisonment for murders, administered lethal dose of heart medication to people in his care. .

He is believed to be I've if the must prolific killer in German modern history.
On the last day if his trial, Hogel who is 42 years asked the samples of the victims for forgiveness.

Somalia faces drought again

2 million people are at the risk of starvation as drought returns to somalia

More than 2 million people will face starvation at the end of the summer unless there are urgent and immediate responses to the drought in Somalia.

The United Nation UN humanitarian course, Mark Lowcock said that there country is facing one of the must driest rainy season in three decades and this is causing a very huge problem for them.

By September, 2.2 million people will face hunger so severe that it will threaten there lives.A further 3.2 million people around one-fifth of Somalia's population will be uncertain of the next meal.

There citizens are very scared as they are about to witness drought again.

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